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When I first moved to California, I discovered my love for avocados. Growing up in Austria, I knew that fruit mostly from pictures in magazines or cookbooks but I couldn’t find them easily in the stores. When avocados became a staple in my kitchen in Santa Monica where I was living when I first moved to Los Angeles, I decided to plant my own avocado tree in my garden. I heard it was pretty easy to do: you take an avocado pit, wash it thoroughly, locate the broad end of the pit and slip it into a jar with water. Then place three toothpicks around the pit to keep it standing up straight so that only the broad end sits in the water. Then you place the jar in a warm, sunny spot, out of direct sunlight.

I was excited to watch my pit split open and the roots sprouting, later a stem grew out of the top and in eight weeks it was strong enough to produce leaves. I first planted it in a pot, later, I transferred it into the garden. The small avocado tree throve and grew fast into a real fruit tree – but never bore any fruits. What went wrong? It was a beautiful plant but barren like the Mojave Desert.

LOS ANGELES – JUN 18: Evie Sullivan at a private location on June 18, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA.

Later I learned that you first have to craft the pit. That takes practice. With a box cutter and garden scissors you cut a branch from another avocado tree and tie it to the fragile stem of your little tree. After a while, new branches will grow and become strong enough to sustain itself. But that isn’t all to it. An avocado tree needs another avocado tree of a different type nearby to be able to bear fruit.

Planting a fruit-bearing avocado tree is a beautiful metaphor for achieving goals with the help of a life coach. First, it’s easier to stick to your plans when you have somebody to be accountable to. Second, the coach gets to know you and your blind spots. We can’t see our own eyebrows unless we look into a mirror. Coaching allows for mirroring and helps you to see yourself clearly. And lastly, once we set a goal together, I can help you through hypnosis to trust yourself that you will achieve it.

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