Psychic, I am not

When I was about four or five years old, I heard angels singing.

I was aware of voices around me that didn’t belong to anyone in the room, so I insisted these voices must have belonged to angels.

My mother became aware of my hyper-sensitivity and didn’t laugh when I told her what I heard. By contrast, she called me her “little psychic.”

Later, I learned that all children are deeply connected to other dimensions between the ages of four and five and that hearing voices is not unusual for this age group. Most parents ignore their children’s abilities and think their behavior might be strange. Children still remember where their souls came from and don’t think these voices are odd. And fortunately for me, neither did my mother. She never discouraged me or my imagination.

It is also normal for a child of four to five years old to have imaginary playmates. I was an only child, and I invented a family of sixteen siblings, mainly older than me. I wished for an older brother with all my heart – a strong character who could protect me if necessary. I talked to him in my mind about my problems, laughed with him, and above all, admired him.

I believe I was an average child but with a vivid imagination. That’s all.

I never paid much attention to my “psychic” abilities in my adult life. I sometimes register serendipity or coincidences that seem to be arranged by the hand of a power greater than myself. Maybe what I noticed were coincidences; maybe they were not. Life just rolls out its wonders for us, and we’re free to interpret them as we wish.

I am always in tune with clients when I work with them, but I wouldn’t call that “psychic.” I call it being sensitive to another person’s thoughts and feelings left unsaid. I usually dig deep for their buried feelings and help bring them to the surface to be looked at and resolved. Only then can their lives move in new and healthier directions..

My sensitivity is helpful during the therapeutic, conversational part of the session. Here, the client and I have to connect profoundly to get to the root of the problem at hand. During the actual hypnosis, I use the information they gave me to guide them to make positive, lasting changes. I stress in every pretalk that I am a hypnotherapist. Not a healer. Not an energy worker. Not a spiritual guide. And above all: I am not a psychic. I am proud to be called a hypnotherapist.

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