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It’s Time to Break Free of Cigarette Smoking and Get Your Life Back with Smoking Cessation Hypnosis

When it comes to quitting smoking, willpower doesn’t work. If it would, you’d have become a NON-SMOKER a long time ago. Hypnosis works with your subconscious, the place where changes can occur.

This is the only place you can successfully kick the smoking habit. Give it a try! You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to become a NON-SMOKER. This offer is also valid for vaping and any other kind of marijuana-related addictions.

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis
What does it feel like?

You sit comfortable in your chair when I ask you to close your eyes. I then gently guide you into a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation of the body and mind. This is known as a trance state, or hypnosis. It feels a little like daydreaming, and you’ll remain mentally alert and in control throughout the whole session.


Smoking is not simply a bad habit, it’s an addiction.

The powerful combination of talk therapy and hypnosis is designed to help you to transition easily into being a non-smoker. Hypnosis is the most gentle and most effective proven method to stop smoking. No drugs, no patches, no gums, no potions: just a new mindset – that of a non-smoker!

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