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Is it time to break with limiting beliefs about how you attract and handle money?

When it comes to money, we often get stuck in programs that stem from our childhood and were never questioned.

Hypnosis works with your subconscious, where changes can occur. Compulsive spending, anxiety, guilt, jealousy, and envy over money issues can wreck your life. It doesn’t have to. With the tools of Hypnosis, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), you’ll learn to change your relationship to money.

Hypnosis – How does it feel like?

You sit comfortable in your chair when I ask you to close your eyes. I then gently guide you into a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation of the body and mind. This is known as a trance state, or hypnosis. It feels a little like daydreaming, and you’ll remain mentally alert and in control throughout the whole session.

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