Did you know that over 50 million Americans claim German ancestry? More than 10 million people in the USA speak German. For many, it is their native tongue. * 

I’m Evie Sullivan, certified hypnotherapist and native German speaker, originally from Vienna, Austria. For many years I was in conventional therapy. It helped me overcome childhood issues, as well as the aftermath of a severe car accident. I got some relief, but not until I found an Austrian therapist who spoke my language, understood my background and “got me,” did I achieve real healing.

Vienna, my birthplace, is also the birthplace of hypnosis. Brought to the attention of the public by Franz Aton Mesmer in the late 18th century, and used extensively in his practice by Sigmund Freud, hypnosis is an incredibly useful tool. Want to stop smoking? Lose weight? Gain confidence? Control insomnia? Manage pain? Hypnosis can help!

My deepest wish is to serve German-speaking people in America with my insight into their cultural, linguistic and specific needs. Let me help you achieve freedom, control and success through the universal healing of hypnosis, using our common language, GERMAN.

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