Why Hypnosis is Personal to me

A severe car accident left me with a heavy case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. It happened at a time when psychopharmaceutic products flooded the market and doctors prescribed the pills as if they were candies.

They needed patients to try out the wonder drugs that were supposed to ease psychological pain. Not only that: it was downers at night and uppers in the morning. A PTSD-patient ought to function normally, and the prescription drugs should help the patient to lead a “normal” life. One, of course, of complete dependency on drugs.

It took me while to realize that I was a full-blown drug addict. Nobody knew how many drugs I swallowed. I was always in the hands of medical professionals who registered every change in me, my mood swings, the ever-greater retreat, and finally, my widespread fear of human beings. I lived in drug-induced hell.

One day, a friend who has watched me, recommended a different type of doctor: Dr. Kleinscheck in Vienna, a MD, who used hypnosis to help his patients. He did not work with or for the pharma industry.

After the first session with the good doctor, I was able to sleep without sleeping pills. After the second session, I lost my fear of people. The third session made the car accident disappear from my conscious mind. It was just gone.

Hypnosis works miracles if the client is ready for major changes. I don’t say this lightly. 

When I had my first session with Dr. Kleinscheck, I experienced deep relaxation for the first time in my life. When he gave me suggestions to fall asleep at once at night, my relaxed inner mind was able to take these suggestions in and let them brew. When I went to bed the same night, those hypnotic suggestions were vivid and alive. I feel asleep immediately.

After my three sessions with Dr. Kleinscheck, I had it in the back of my mind that one day I’d help people through this wonderful technique just like he did. 

Today, I’m glad I never gave up on my dream of becoming a hypnotic coach and a hypnotherapist, also using the tools of NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming. 

It has been the most fulfilling career path. Helping people to tap into their subconscious mind and finding out, what’s lying underneath, is the greatest passion to me. 

It is also the easiest way for my clients to achieve their many goals.

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