What do you do?

It was easy for me as a journalist to answer people’s unavoidable question: “What do you do?” I just told them, I’m an entertainment journalist and the US-correspondent for an Austrian publishing house. Everybody was satisfied.

But what do I tell them now? The question still comes up at events and I still have to think about a short and clear answer.
What do I do?

I smile as I tell them that I help people to feel good about themselves, be productive, look better and be healthier. That’s what I do.

I want the person who asks me the question to smile at me because that means he or she feels better than a moment ago. Smiling is a great way to connect. How can somebody who smiles feel depressed? Or rejected? So, we both smile…

And if they ask further, I tell them that I’m a life coach and can let them experience what I have to offer when they have about 30 minutes to spare. Then, I hand them my business card and smile again as I wink and say, “Call me!”

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